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Off Grid

These boilers offer you an efficient and enduring ability to heat your primary residence, vacation home, hunting cabin and even your business if you're inclined to be off grid or independent. Both of these boilers require no electricity to operate while still maintaining accurate temperatures and consistent heat throughout combustion.

When you combine these boilers with gravity systems connecting to cast iron radiators, in floor heating or vertical "baseboard" and allow natural convection to make the water flow, no pumps are necessary. With the use of manual valves on your radiators you can adjust the temperature to suite your needs. Your system can be as off grid as you desire or you can use 12V power for your pumps from solar panels. You can simply use the power directly from a battery bank and install the proper pumps or convert the power to 110V and use existing pumps.

If you are considering a remote hunting or skiing cabin for installation, you can put anti-freeze in the boiler system and it will be waiting for you whenever you arrive to enjoy it. Simply light a fire and let the gravity system naturally begin to heat up.

AHONA™ is excited to offer you these options and several more that will be uploaded to the website. We have some interesting R&D projects going on right now that will allow you to generate electricity while heating your home, a residential CHP unit, in a variety of ways. Electric generation using CHP at the residential level is the next evolution in the industry which we will be supporting heavily. Many units are set for release this year and into next year.

Along with this other options are coming, some of which we have been using for years, that allow you to put your heating system off grid. For example, our Vigas boilers only require a maximum of 3 amps at peak operation, so a pure sine wave inverter can allow you to power it from a solar bank. We will put together some options here for you to install with your new boiler to upgrade your existing system.










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