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Hercules U24

Viadrus Hercules U24


Certified UL391 and CSA-B366.1

Output: 13 - 74 kW

Fuel: brown coal, hard coal and coke (wood as an additional fuel)


  • Ecological operation

  • Ecological burning of brown coal

  • Quality cast iron exchanger

  • Output according to a number of units

Product Description and Documen ts

Hot water boiler HERCULES U 24 burns fuel by burning up in its cast iron shell at the strictest issue condition class 3 according to CSN EN 303-5. HERCULES U 24 guarantees a quality way of burning of brown coal, hard coal and coke. Also wood and wooden briquettes can be used as an additional fuel. The boiler is produced in its own output from 13 up to 74 kW according to units and used fuel. Its output can be additionally changed by the change of a number of units. A second draught controller in the back part of the boiler is used from eight-sectional boiler.

Principle of boiler with a burning up - burning zone is restricted to space between grate and bottom edge of feed shaft, so a hight of hot coat remains unchanged instead of fire penetration. When the fuel onthe grate burns up step by step new fuel moves from feed shaft. Incipient combustion products are exhausted into the further boiler draught. These boilers are easily regulated.

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