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29 UD Coal

Vigas 29 UD


Certified to UL391 and CSA-B366.1

Output: 27,000-119,000 BTU*

BTU rating for optimum output rated at 100,000 BTU*

Fuel: brown coal*


  • Long service life

  • Ecological operation

  • Excellent combustion efficiency

  • Lambda Control Sensor/Control

  • Metal Ashtray

Product Description and Documen ts

The Vigas Model 29 UD Coal unit is a wood gasification unit designed for brown coal fuel combustion at fulfillment of the emission conditions of the 3rd CSN EN 303-5 standard. Boilers are welded from boiler steel sheets. The combustion of different fuels and materials in this boiler (i.e. plastic) is inadmissible. The boiler is designed in at 27,000-119,000 BTU power output.

(*See technical data sheet for specifics for this model).

This boiler size is appropriate for heating of family houses or small industrial applications. The boiler is also designed for heating of both the closed and the opened heating systems.

Vigas 29 UD

1. AK Controller
2. Upper Door
3. Chimney Bypass Operating Handle
4. Gasification Chamber
5. Primary Air Inlet
6. Fan Shutter
7. Fan
8. Fan Cover
9. Ceramic Combustion Nozzle
10. Secondary Air Modulation Shutter
11. Ash Cleaning Handle
12. Ash Cleaning Shutter
13. Lower Door Handle
14. Refractory Fire Brick
15. Lower Door
16. Chimney Attachment Flange

17. Heat Exchanger Top Cover
18. Chimney Bypass Shutter
19. Upper Back Cover
20. Water Supply Port
21. Boiler Temperature Probe
22. Over-temperature Sensor
23. Upper Front Cover
24. Heat Exchanger Tube
25. Refractory Concrete Floor
26. Secondary Air Flow
27. Combustion Chamber
28. Direction of Exhaust Gas Flow
29. Return Water Port
30. Auto-fill Port
31. Ash Pan

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