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Viadrus Vulcanus


Certified UL391 and CSA-B366.1

Output: 6 - 35 kW

Fuel: wood pellets, coal


  • High life time of cast iron shell

  • Automatic ignitron

  • Equithermal regulation of heating branch and hot-water preparation

  • A possibility of combination with solar systems

  • Low emissions

  • Guarantee 5 years for shell

Construction option:The boiler is produced in two versions: "new design" and "old design". It is different from its design and boiler regulator. Due to fuel spillage over a flexible hose a variability of reservoir placement is possible there - right/left side.

Product Description and Documen ts

Vulcanus is designed for economical and environmental-friendy heating with coal and wooden pellets. Modulating equitherm regulator controls both heating and domestic hot water production. Cast iron boiler block has very long service life and Exchange maintenance is very easy thanks to two big cleaning doors. Retort burner installed in the base of boiler is used for burning coal or pellets. Fuel is supplied to the turner with the screw feeder having advanced protection against fuel reservoir fire penetration. It is necessary to specify just the size of fuel reservoir when ordering the boiler. Reservoir position can be selected during boiler installation.

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