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Cast-iron Radiator

Viadrus Termo Cast Iron Radiators


Output: 53,8 - 149,7 W/section


  • Virtually unlimited service life

  • Bottom connection and integrated valve compatible

  • Classic design

  • Standard 10-section blocks and factory-assembled blocks with 20-year warranty

  • Optional final coating in RAL colors

  • Possibility of additional output change

  • Variable heating output

Product Description and Documen ts

Thermo radiators are the most classic common type of cast-iron radiators. It is very easy to use them for replacement or add-on in case of heating system reconstruction. The size, connection spacing, shape - all is the same as the years before. Termo radiators looks a little bit more "lightweight" and uses less water inside, shape is similar to Kalor 3. Standard production is in ten-pieces blocks with white color water-based paint. It is possible to deliver blocks in size and color as per customer`s request. This model is compatible with integrated thermostatic valve (ITV) with bottom water connection. Special "industrial" look can be reached using clear coating on untouched or sandblasted cast-iron surface.

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