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Bohemia R
Cast-iron Radiator

Viadrus Bohemia R Cast Iron Radiators


Output: 110,0 - 169 W/section


  • Virtually unlimited service life

  • Ageless and authentic retro design

  • Standard 10-section blocks and factory-assembled

  • Block with 20-year warranty

  • Optional final coating in RAL colors

  • Optional industrial look with clear coating

  • Floor standing

Product Description and Documen ts

Traditional material and retro design meet in these radiators. Bohemia R radiators fits into historic or retro style interiors with no doubt. It is perfect for reconstruction of heating systems in historical buildings. We can deliver blocks in size and color as per customer`s request. Very special "industrial" look can be reached using special Clar coating on clear untouched or sand-blasted cast-iron surface. Ageless and authentic style of cast-iron radiators creates famed "warm feeling of your home" together with perfect technical parametres and really unlimited service life. Cast-iron sectional radiators are perfect for home architects to create individual design for each interior. Bohemia R radiators are decorated with embossed floral motif on section sides.

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