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Viadrus Lignator


Certified UL391 and CSA-B366.1

Output: 13.5 kW-34 kW

Fuel: wood


  • High combustion efficiency up to 89.6%

  • Green Operations

  • Wood burning capabilities with wood having a moisture content up to 20%

  • Long life cast iron heat exchanger

  • Solid Water cooled grates

  • Easy operation and maintenance

  • Threaded flanges for easy installation

Product Description and Documen ts

The Lignator is a modern boiler designed to burn wood. The unit meets the strictest environmental standards and also achieves excellent efficiency. The boiler is designed to be used for closed systems with forced circulation of heating water. It is mandatory that closed heating systems utilize an over-temperature valve as a security device to prevent overheating and assure Boiler protection.

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