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Viadrus Ekoret Boiler


Certified UL391 and CSA-B366.1

Output: 4,5 - 25 kW

Fuel: wood pellets, hard coal, brown coal


  • Nearly maintenance-free

  • Two sizes of reservoir

  • Low operating cost

  • A possibility of boiler control by room thermostat

  • High life time of cast iron exchanger

Product Description and Documen ts

Boiler EKORET is intended for economy heating with demands on automatic operation and minimal demand on boiler´s attendance.

The cast iron exchanger warranting boiler life time is a main part of the boiler. A retort burner with a mixer is placed in steel boiler pedestal. Up to it the ceramics are placed there which regulates the burning and reflect the heat back to the burner and assist a complete combustion. Fuel feeding into the burner is designed by screw feeder from boiler reservoir through retort on cast iron grate.

Safety elements - The boiler is protected from fuel fire penetration by heat-sensing element on screw pipe, in case of power cut is protected by thermal fuse that is placed in the boiler reservoir. Heating system is protected from overheating by safety thermostat.

Boiler regulator enables setting the fuel feeder, water heater pump, circulation pump, fan with a butterfly valve. It is equipped with temperature sensors and includes room thermostat outlet.

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